Recycled Wool Large Pet Blanket in Mackellar Tartan


Tartan Blanket Co.

Mackellar Tartan is now available in a pet blanket so your furry friend can be stylish too!

Sustainable and stylish, our recycled wool blankets are created by blending recycled wool with longer mixed fibers saved from landfill to create a soft and durable yarn, which is woven in a dense twill weave and brushed for texture.

Fibers: 70% recycled wool, 30% mixed fibers saved from landfill

  • Size 59” × 35” 

  • Touch: Smooth & durable 

  • Designed in Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Wool sourced and woven in India

  • Care: Machine wash on wool cycle, lay flat to dry

Our recycled wool blankets contain pre-loved fibers that may differ slightly in color and design.


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