Hi, I'm Lindsay. Nice to meet you fellow equestrian-enthusiast!

Hello there!

I'm Lindsay Hunter, owner of the Modern Equestrian Shop.  I am also an equestrian and a residential interior designer based in the Nashville, TN area.   I have a horse, two kids, a husband and a chocolate lab who keep me on my toes, in addition to running a full time interior design firm and the shop.  But I love it all and wouldn't trade any of it!

To put a face to the name, this is me, hanging out at Mortgage Hall in Hunt Country Capitol, Middleburg, VA, with my friend, photographer Georgina Preston.  If you aren't familiar with Georgina's work, do yourself a favor and check her out (after you finish my blog, of course)!

Photo by Georgina Preston

I specialize in Equestrian style design, bringing a modern flair to traditional British hunt country style.  I love dark green walls, tartan blankets, saddle leather, and old tack with a story to tell.  My own bedroom is an example of my work.

Photo by Ruby & Peach Photography
Read more about my bedroom:
Photo by Ruby & Peach Photography

I am inspired by the elegance and history of equestrian culture, particularly British, and I wanted to curate a collection of items that evoke the feeling of the British countryside.  I created Modern Equestrian Shop so that equestrian-enthusiasts could create the equestrian look in their own homes.  From equestrian artwork to cozy cashmere tartan blankets and saddle leather boxes with brass stirrup buckles, these items are meant to compliment the equestrian’s own tack and treasures from the barn to create a cohesive equestrian aesthetic.

Photo by Georgina Preston

About Me

There’s nothing I love better than mixing antiques and modern elements to create warm, inviting spaces where individuals and families can live, love, and play – because life is too short to live with bad design.
I grew up immersed in the equestrian lifestyle, surrounded by high-end equestrian design. I love historic houses with soul, modern farmhouses, old barns, tack rooms, and the trappings of sophisticated country living.
In high school, my first job was working for Ralph Lauren. When I saw how he translated the equestrian lifestyle into a home, I was transfixed. My experiences watching Ralph Lauren’s designs come to life inspired me to create Modern Equestrian Shop.
The Modern Equestrian lifestyle is about creating intentional, inspirational living spaces for people from all walks of life. With this goal in mind, I have curated a collection of home goods, accessories, art prints, and decor that embody the spirit of equestrian living.
Me and my boy Remington, Photo by Amanda Bonner

Thank you for supporting my small equestrian business!

Lindsay Hunter