Modern Equestrian Shop's Day at Mortgage Hall, Middleburg, VA

A few weeks ago I traveled to Middleburg, VA to meet up with like-minded equestrian business owners at an industry event at Mortgage Hall- a historic manor turned wedding/event venue.  I am still on an equestrian high from all of the inspiring people I met!

Lindsay Hunter setting up the Modern Equestrian Shop + Hart Equestrian + Savenac 1821 display table, Photo by Marie Roy
Mahogany Bay Leather BasketHerringbone Alpaca Blanket, Chestnut Box, Portrait of Valentine, Chestnut Tealight, Chestnut Brown Leather traystirrup candle holders and Vintage Equestrian Prints
I was fortunate enough to meet UK equestrian photographer Georgina Preston, along with Christine Parrish of Hart Equestrian, Lisa Harris of Savenac 1821, Connor Duszynski of Cardinal Marketing, author Laurie Berglie, artists Madeleine Bunbury and Lydia Schrader, photographers Marie Roy, Caitlin Connolly, Jordan Koepke and Liz Callar, Carrie Hull of the Great Meadow Foundation, Sam Baynes and Jen Tankel from The Pegasus App, Jen Gray and Christian Bentley from Middleburg Life Magazine, and Mortgage Hall owner Sabrina Sutton.
Christin Parrish, Photo by Marie Roy
Christine Parrish of Hart Equestrian, Photo by Marie Roy
Christine Parrish and Georgina Preston, Photo by Marie Roy

One of the perks of the event was getting a mini photoshoot session with Georgina Preston.  I was intimidated going into it because, let's face it, I built her up in my mind so high that I expected a pretentious artist with no patience for an amateur model.  But that could not have been farther from the truth!  She is such a lovely and sweet person and she made me feel so comfortable.

Lindsay's photoshoot with Georgina Preston, Photo by Marie Roy

Oooh- that moment when Georgina showed me what my headshots were looking like and I kind of freaked out!  Turns out I'm not a terrible model after all!  Or Georgina is just exceptional.

Photo by Marie Roy

Turns out her patience and good direction paid off.  Here's the final result.  What do you think?

Photo by Georgina Preston

One of my blankets even got to have a photoshoot as well, with Marie Roy.

Modern Equestrian Shop's Lambswool Blanket in Stewart Royal Antique Tartan, Photo by Marie Roy

We were visited by the cutest donkey who kept escaping from his pasture to crash our party.  And his name was George!  Can you believe it?

Georgina and George, Photo by Marie Roy

Georgina and George

Here are a few of my new equestrian business owner friends!

Lisa Harris of Savenac 1821, Photo by Marie Roy
Photographer Marie Roy
Connor Duszynski of Cardinal Marketing, Carrie Hull of The Great Meadow Foundation, Photo by Marie Roy
Artist Lydia Schrader and adorable puppy Finn Parrish, Photo by Marie Roy

And here's me, saying goodbye to beautiful Mortgage Hall.  It was a gorgeous day full of beautiful people.  I can't wait to come back! 

Photo by Marie Roy
Lindsay Hunter of Modern Equestrian Shop, Photo by Marie Roy

Good bye friend!  Until next time...

Photo by Marie Roy