Modern Equestrian Shop's Photoshoot with Georgina Preston at The Welbourne Inn, Middleburg, VA

As I drove up the long gravel driveway and approached the Welbourne Inn in Middleburg, Virginia for a photoshoot with Georgina Preston, I thought, is this even for real?!  It looks like something out of a movie! (Well it was actually in a movie.) I couldn't believe my  luck- how did I even get here?  Let's back up...

Georgina Preston photographing Madeleine Bunbury

Once upon a time, I scoured the internet looking for the perfect artwork for my equestrian bedroom, and ended up purchasing four Vintage Equestrian prints from Hart Equestrian.  When I posted the reveal pictures on Instagram, the owner, Christine, responded with admiration and gratitude which led to multiple conversations and developed into an online friendship.

pc: Georgina Preston, featuring Stewart Royal Antique Tartan and Alpaca Wool Throw Pillow

A few months ago, Christine posted an image from a photoshoot she did in collaboration with Great Meadow Foundation, and when I commented on how much I loved it, she responded by suggesting that we do a shoot together sometime.  So that seed was planted...

pc: Georgina Preston, featuring Mahogany Basket, Alpaca Wool Herringbone Pillow, Fraser Hunting Weathered Tartan 

Fast forward... I started offering Hart Equestrian's Vintage Equestrian prints in my shop, and then Christine introduced me to Georgina Preston's photography work.  I was crazy about it and of course wanted those prints for my shop too.  And then I became a huge Georgina fan.

Georgina Preston

I’ll never forget the day that I saw Hart Equestrian‘s post announcing that the infamous Georgina Preston would be visiting the U.S. for an ENTIRE MONTH to do equestrian photoshoots in Middleburg, Virginia. I have always wanted an excuse to visit Middleburg, Hunt Capital of the country, so I quickly commented on her post to say (sort of jokingly) "I’m on my way!"  To which she replied: "You should definitely come!" Hum, OK… The wheels are turning…

pc: Georgina Preston, featuring The Huntswoman and Her Hounds

Meanwhile, Lisa from Savenac 1821 reached out to me on Instagram and said that she liked my brand and wondered if we could collaborate on some marketing. I loved her brand as well and I was thrilled to be connected with her. 

pc: Georgina Preston, featuring Artist Madeleine Bunbury wearing Cashmere Mackellar Tartan and Savenac 1821 jewelry

But how can I justify a trip to Middleburg for a photoshoot? Then Hart Equestrian announced that she was organizing an industry event for equestrian business owners at Mortgage Hall, Middleburg, and that Georgina would be in attendance, taking everyone’s headshots.  OK- I can totally justify a networking event with equestrian business owners. Let’s do this!

pc: Georgina Preston, featuring Mahogany Bay Tray and Brass Stirrup Candleholders

I asked Christine if she knew Lisa from Savenac, and of course she did (the equestrian community is actually quite small). Before we knew it, Christine, Lisa and I were on a Zoom call discussing the possibility of a joint photoshoot. Lisa proposed the Welbourne Inn, a historic home from 1750, now a bed and breakfast.

pc: Georgina Preston, featuring Mahogany Basket and doorstop from Hart Equestrian

What a perfect venue to showcase all of our products- which work so well together- now if only we could schedule this shoot the same weekend as the industry event, then we could get Georgina to do the shoot! Christine pulled some strings, with the help of our friend Connor Duszynski, and just like that I was on my way to Middleburg to shoot Modern Equestrian Shop products with Hart Equestrian, Savenac1821 and Georgina Preston.

pc: Georgina Preston, featuring The Polo Player

We decided we needed a model and voila!  Georgina had just the person we needed- her friend Madeleine Bunbury was also visiting from England. An artist and equestrian, and also naturally beautiful both inside and out, showed up in the most beautiful riding attire with golden blonde curls and a charming personality.  We could not have gotten luckier if we tried. 

You can see how this entire experience stemmed from that day that I bought four equestrian prints from Hart Equestrian... and my life was forever changed. There- I said it in print: purchasing from Hart Equestrian changed my life!

pc: Georgina Preston, featuring Chestnut Box and Black Jewelry Box

The experience shooting with Georgina was unbelievable, being at Welborne property all day was magical, the collaboration with my two new equestrian business owner friends was inspiring, and the pictures we received are insanely beautiful.

It was one for the books. Now the five of us are buds. And we all lived happily ever after.